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The Investigation of Pepe Chavez Et Al (series)

No brainer! Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be nominated by Pres. Trump for the position of FBI Director immediately! As recently as two to three weeks ago he appeared before the Senate for their “Advice and Consent” to his nomination to the position he now occupies. He was approved with over 90% bipartisan support! How could Dems change their support for Rosenstein to assume the FBI Director position? Ah yes, they will try. Given the Dems proclivity for hypocrisy—and their insusceptibility from its implications—sure as hell, they will try to impugn any/all Trump nominations. Still, if Rob Rosenstein is Trump’s nomination, it will be interesting to watch the Dems (and the media) struggle.

May 12th 12:42am • No Comments

The media are missing the keys to the timing of firing of Dir Comey. Comey has said for the first time (Senate Hearing last week) that the final straw in his decision to jump his boss, Atty. General Loretta Lynch because of her visit with Bill Clinton. Bottom line, he took the fall for Lynch and then Pres. Obama. Moreover, given DOJ's refusal to impanel an investigative Grand Jury, he knew there would be no prosecution of Hillary Clinton. He also knew there was a case, despite what DOJ said. Given the circumstances, he had three choices: shut up and be complicit in the Obama administration malfeasance; resign and be silent, under threat of prosecution if he revealed any of the evidence and/ or internal DOJ/FBI discussion re the investigation (whether remaining in the FBI employment or not); or take control of the prosecutorial decision using the questionable / unethical Lynch/B. Clinton meeting as his reasoning.
DIR Comey chose the third option, exposing H. Clintons' “criminal” activity, but at the same time taking the fall for Lynch/ Obama, by concealing the reason for usurping the DOJ shortcomings and lack of intention to file indictments.
The outcome: 1) Democrats say he interfered with the election; 2) Pres. Trump now-given the Senate hearing testimony re Comey's “last straw” reasoning for the first time-understandably thought of Comey as withholding the Lynch/ Obama conspiracy from him and fired him. 3) Clinton, Lynch, Obama were never held accountable for malfeasance in their respective offices.

May 10th 12:16am • 1 Comment

Re President Trump’s undertaking to deal with the influx of Mexican drugs: Free advice to President Trump.
1. Build the wall and maximize efforts to minimize and police drug trafficking at the border.
2. As what semblance of rule of law erodes because of the internal conflict (cartel corruption v. government institutions) that most certainly will ensue in Mexico—prepare to assist the remnants of Mexico government’s cry for help.
3. They will call. Send our DEA, Special Forces to “liberate” Mexico.

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Heard tonight that one of the key co-conspirators and family successfully turned their lives around to legit normalization-- after experiencing the tribulations of the investigation, and reading my books that detailed for them, the full breadth of the criminal enterprise. So gratifying to hear that we in law enforcement could exact the very outcome we aim to achieve!

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“Past is Prologue”, William Shakespeare. Want to know how the FBI/ Department of Justice investigative process works-or doesn’t. Get my books on My two books non-fiction series details the process step by step in an actual federal investigation of an international drug smuggling and distribution conspiracy in the 1980s. My tome has all the elements of the current Bill and Hillary Clinton investigations—Multiple federal crimes, and conflict between the multi-agency law enforcement organizations, the politicians, and the federal prosecutors. Read about my experiences and you will witness Shakespeare’s perception. Check out “The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al” series.

Nov 5th, 2016 12:14am • No Comments

Terrorists in our midst? Can't be anything but a passing zing. Never will be a long lasting problem in our nation. And as Attorney General Loretta Lynch says "love" is the answer now if we just listen. All will be okay...

Well, I say not. Violent middle east Arab extremists, along with some international Muslim sects, and jihad extremist sympathisers are now aligned in the model of the anti-israeli '60, '70 (evermore, today) Palestinian terrorist model.

Any doubts? Read "Mossad" by Ronald Payne. Let me know if you see any strategic similarities. or parallels.

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Forgot to display my business card with Muhammad Ali's autograph on the back. Discovered now that it was in December of '83.

Photos from The Investigation of Pepe Chavez Et Al (series)'s post

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About Mohammed Ali! Check out Book one. Chapter 37, p. 286-287. "It Was an Unbelievable Experience". (Note: We, investigators, were at the San Diego Metropolitan Correction facility, with hopes of interviewing two prisoners who had been extradited to the US from Mexico. Our mission, to collect evidence related to conspiratorial smuggling and distribution of cocaine.)

"...We saw Hungerford and Gray [ in prison] only long enough to advise them of their rights. It was over when they uttered the word “attorney.” I made the phone call to [US Attorney] Bauman. It was done, I said, “till they call us.”
The day was not lost to us. In an hour, Mickey and I would be out of
there—out of the prison and on the way to a golf course. We were actually kind of giddy at the prospect of working in a golf game—even giddier with what happened next.
When Mickey and I exited the Metro Corrections Center at ten-thirty, we were met by a big surprise—a clutter of cameras and newsies. I couldn’t quite see the source of all the hubbub through the glare of the morning sun on the large glass doors at the entrance. The glare disappeared as I walked closer to the entrance and, then, a shocker—Mohammed Ali. The hand of Mohammed Ali was on the outside handle of the door that I had just seized
from the inside. He swung the door open hard, an angry look of brutal contempt on his face, and his fist drawing back.
I tried my best to keep my cool, freezing in my tracks, countering his fist with a squeamish, “Hello, Champ.”
His response was booming, a fighting tone I hadn’t heard since the
schoolyard battles of years gone by. “Wha’d you call me?” He said, his right arm now rotating in his trademark whirling fist—floating like a butterfly— and then with a twinkle in his eye and a huge grin, he reached out to shake my hand.
“It’s just a show, sorry,” he said, stepping inside now, away from the newsies.
Addressing both Mickey and I, he resumed, “I really didn’t want to involve you guys, just putting on the show they all want. I’m really sorry.”
He was great. After the “show,” he became a seldom seen, cordial gentleman—the man behind the façade. He talked freely about his visit to the prison—a voluntary counseling session for the misdirected masses behind the walls. He asked about our visit. Still shell-shocked, it caught me offguard.
“Well, we’re DEA, here to see a couple of prisoners, but—”
He was more the gentleman. “Don’t really want to know anything more,” he said. “Hey, what are you guys doing for the rest of the day? Gotta make up for the insults. I’m staying at a hotel down the freeway. Can you meet me for dinner? I’m buyin’.”
We did, and he bought. It was an unbelievable experience."

An experience, not without sadness, though. Mohammed Ali told Mickey and I about his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Jun 4th, 2016 5:04am • No Comments

...violation of rules in the State Department = violation of the laws from which the "rules" were derived. Stay tuned for the indictment.

May 31st, 2016 3:33am • 2 Comments

Book two of my memoir series, "When Police and Politics Collide". On Kindle tomorrow. Check it out on, $4.99

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Coming next week, Book two of my series ON KINDLE!!!

May 7th, 2016 8:45pm • 1 Comment

"The War on Cops" by Heather Mac Donald. Looks like I gotta put this one on my reading list. I'm hearing that her research exposes truths and little-told facts re the consequenses of liberal leaders' attitudes toward enforcement of drug trafficking crimes-- years of tolerance that advanced to an inevitable up-surge in violent crimes. My 2-book series "The Investigation of Pepe Chavez et al" documents those same warped leadership attitudes in the '80s that, in fact, foretold today's consequences.

Apr 23rd, 2016 1:15am • 5 Comments

Hillary; State Department; DOJ; Obama Administration: Trickle, trickle...Stall, delay, attempt to run out the clock with the support of a complicit media... Thank you Judicial Watch!

Judicial Watch

“These new State Department documents show Hillary Clinton and her State aides were involved in fundraising for the Clinton Foundation." said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Hillary Clinton worked hand in glove with the Clinton Foundation on fundraising and foreign policy. Despite the law and her promises to the contrary, Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into the DC office of the Clinton Foundation.

Mar 24th, 2016 12:49am • 25 Comments